•  In August 2019, New York State became the 37th state to sign Erin’s Law into legislation.  New York State’s law, (Chapter 187 of the Laws of 2019(link is external)) - known as Erin's Law - requires public schools to teach child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention classes to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Erin's Law is named for Erin Merryn, an abuse survivor and activist against child sexual abuse who has advocated for similar laws nationwide for over a decade. Erin’s Law is intended to help children, teachers, and parents in New York State schools identify sexual abuse, and to provide awareness, assistance, referral, or resource information for children and families who are victims of child sexual abuse.

    All students at South Buffalo Charter School will receive lessons based on Erin's Law each year (for elementary students, a letter will be sent home 2-3 weeks prior to the lesson taking place).  The focus of the lessons will be age-appropriate and handled in a sensitive manner.  The grade level school counselor will teach these lessons.  Informing our children about the difference between affection and abuse is a vital part in teaching them how to identify and protect themselves from abuse.  Please talk regularly with your children at home as well.

    Rsources from New York State Education Department (NYSED):

    Resources for parents and families

    FAQ's about Erin's Law


    To learn more about Erin Merryn and her story, click the link below.