Special Services

    The South Buffalo Charter School is committed to providing all students with a free and appropriate public education. In order to meet the needs of a diverse population, the school offers alternative programs, supplementary aids and special education services.
    Special Education consists of specifically designed instruction for students (ages 3-21 years) who are identified by either the district committee on Preschool Education (CPSE) or the Committee on Special Education (CSE) as having a disability which interferes with learning. The CPSE and CSE are multidisciplinary teams of parents and professionals responsible for determining eligibility, coordinating evaluations, and recommending programs or services. Members of the committee include the child’s parent(s), a school psychologist, a special education teacher, a general education teacher, a parent of a child with a disability, and an administrator. Additional participants, such as a building director, speech/language pathologist, and the school physician, may also be present.
    The committees, appointed by and responsible to the Buffalo Board of Education (or the student’s home district), hold meetings on a regular basis to respond to initial referrals. The school is committed to identifying children with disabilities and providing necessary, appropriate services and support within the least restrictive environment. If you suspect your child has a disability, please contact the Special Services Coordinator.
    In addition, all children receiving special education services are entitled to a review at least once yearly. The purpose of this annual review is to recommend the continuation, modification, or termination of the provision of special education programs and supports. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these annual reviews, typically held at the child’s school of attendance.

    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

    Some students with disabilities who do not require special education services may receive accommodations, special instruction, or related services under Section 504, consistent with the district’s policy against discrimination on the basis of disability.

    What is Section 504?
    Section 504 is a part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that prohibits discrimination based upon disability. Section 504 is an anti-discrimination, civil rights statute that requires the needs of students with disabilities to be met as adequately as the needs of the non-disabled are met.

    Section 504 states that: “No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States, as defined in section 706(8) of this title, shall, solely by reason of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance...” [29 U.S.C. §794(a), 34 C.F.R. §104.4(a)].a 

    Click here for A Parent’s Guide to Section 504 in Public Schools



    Types of Services

    • Occupational Therapy (OT): focuses on skills the child needs to take part in his/her activities of daily living (playing, eating, dressing, and relaxing). Such skills may include:

      • Fine Motor skills (use of smaller muscles of the body for refined movements)
      • Hand coordination in reaching for, grasping and releasing objects
      • Sensory integration skills
      • Eye hand coordination – tracking an object wit the eyes
      • Visual Perception skills – ie: puzzle play
      • Imitation – using finger play
      • Self-help skills – feeding and dressing

    • Physical Therapy (PT): focuses on gross motor skills such as:

      • Balance in positions which require trunk and head control
      • Floor play positions on the belly or back
      • Standing
      • Running
      • Jumping
      • Rolling
      Also may focus on:
      Large joint stability Overall strength of body – how muscles, bones and joints work together
    • Hearing Services

    • Counseling - addresses the social and emotional needs of a student by providing individual and/or group counseling.

    Definitions of Disabilities