• The South Buffalo Charter School (SBCS) received approval in 1999 from the New York State Board of Regents. In the fall of 2000, the school was housed in Buffalo Public School 29, which was also occupied by the South Buffalo Community Center, the South Buffalo Grief Center and the South Buffalo Senior Center. The South Buffalo Charter School is located in the city of Buffalo, New York and primarily receives students who live in the surrounding community. SBCS serves students in grades K-8 and the student body is composed of varying ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, reflecting the multicultural diversity in the community. Well over 70% of our students receive free or reduced lunch, illustrating the socio-economic needs of our families. The students reflect a broad spectrum of learning styles and learning needs. SBCS strives to build a composite class that represents the multifaceted dimensions of our society.

    While implementing the school's mission, the South Buffalo Charter School offers a wide variety of academic curriculum and special subject areas. We follow New York State Curriculum Standards and the Core Knowledge Sequence. Each day students are fully engaged in Social Studies, Math, English-Language Arts and Science. Throughout the week, students take special area classes in Spanish, Gym, Art, Music and Computer Technology.

    In the fall and spring of each year, students are assessed using the Terra Nova achievement tests. These tests help administration, faculty and staff to better individualize and accommodate our student needs. Our fourth graders take the New York State English-Language Arts, Math and Science Assessments. Fifth graders take the New York State Fifth grade Social Studies Assessment in November of each year.

    The South Buffalo Charter School also teaches and practices core virtues and values. Each month a specific virtue is taught and modeled throughout the month. Our school hosts community town meetings where students gather together to share their level of knowledge of virtue. Students and classes perform skits, read poems and stories and share other examples of virtue.

    SBCS New York State Assessment Scores
    You can now find the most recent data on how SBCS has performed on the NYSAs, which can be found by using the following link:  SBCS NYSA Scores