Welcome to Jaguar Athletics! 

    Jaguar Athletics 

    154 South Ogden Street

    Buffalo NY 14206

    Fields and courts all located inside or around back of K-8 building


    The South Buffalo Charter School Athletics Department focuses on the development of student athletes, both as an individual and as a teammate.  Athletic programs are an important part of a student's education as it teaches teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and citizenship skills.  It is our goal to create an environment in which student-athletes strive to be their best in school, sports, and in life.




    6-8th Grade CO-ED SOCCER


    Will take place during PE classes on Tuesday 9/5 and Wednesday 9/6


    Will take place on Monday 9/12


    Permission Slips And A Physical Exam    

    Must be handed in by 

    Monday September 9th 






    For more information about South Buffalo Charter School's athletic program, please contact

    Mr. Buczek (jbuczek@southbuffalocs.org)

    All Interscholastic sports are for students in grades 6-8, with the exception of track, which is for grades 5-8

    Fall Interscholastic Sports: 

     Co-Ed Soccer (6-8)

    Girls Volleyball (6-8)

    Winter Interscholastic Sports:

    Girls Basketball (6-8)

    Boys Basketball (6-8)

    Cheerleading (6-8)

      Spring Interscholastic Sports: 

    Co-Ed Baseball (6-8)

    Boys and Girls Track and Field (5-8)


     Club Sports:

    Floor Hockey


    Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege, which supports the academic mission of South Buffalo Charter School. The primary goal of South Buffalo Charter School Athletics is to allow students an opportunity to foster team building skills, problem solving skills, self-discipline, and self-confidence. Through the development of these skills it is believed that our student athletes will become confident, contributing members of the school community. We also provide experiences that are fun and promote individual growth within a safe and healthy environment. We encourage all students to participate in some part of our program, either club, intermural or modified. These are memorable moments and learning experiences that will last a lifetime.