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    Physical Education Trivia - John Rogers Elementary School

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    At South Buffalo Charter School we present the students with a variety of challenging and stimulating activities throughout the year. Our physical education program helps create enjoyable, success oriented experiences that reach every child. Special attention is given to:

    A) social interaction and the improvement of self-concepts, cooperation and sportsmanship
    B) fitness and skill development
    C) acquisition of basic fundamentals through conceptual learning
    Our number one priority is your child’s safety. Please help your child remember their sneakers everyday.  Students that forget their sneakers or appropriate shoes will not be allowed to participate.  
    The physical education curriculum is governed by the NYS Learning Standards for Health and Physical Education. Our primary objectives are:


    • To foster in children a love of physical activity and play
    • To instill a need for physical fitness in each child
    • To develop coordination and control
    • To provide opportunities for increased responsibility in planning, organizing and leadership
    • To give children a wide range of skill and game experiences
    • To provide experiences that will develop initiative, self-reliance, self-worth, honesty, kindness to others and a love of learning
    • To provide opportunities for the integration of physical education with other subject areas: language arts, math, social studies, science, health, music and art


     Students will develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.