• Welcome back everyone, and welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies! We are truly living in a time like no other right now, and things will be a little different than we are used to! However, that will not change the fact that we are going to have an amazing year filled with fun activities, thoughtful discussions, and learning about Ancient History! Now, more than ever, is a time to gain an understanding of the world got to where we are today. We will explore the changes that have happened over time, both positive and negative, and check to see if/what we have learned from our mistakes! We will explore many different topics including (but not only): 

    - First peoples of the world

    - Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China

    - Middle Ages and the Black Plague


    You may wonder why we should care about places thousands of miles away, and events that happened thousands of years ago, but we will find out that while things have changed drastically, some things have remained the same!  I can't wait to explore these topics with you in our "new" 21st Century learning methods!


    Mr. Sullivan

    Email: msullivan@southbuffalocs.org

    Phone: 716-826-7213 ext. 238

    Room: 238

    Rome Colosseum Egyptian Sphinx and Pyramid Chinese Dynasty