•  Welcome to Grade 8 Science
     Mrs. Paolini
    Room 218
    826-7213 ext 218 
    Please read below for important due dates
    and class information!
    January 2020
    happy new year
    1/13 Class Notes on Heat Temperature and Heat PPT  we will be using the powerpoint to create two column notes, poster, brochure and/or flip book 
    1/10-1/15 Bill Nye Heat video completed in lab period
    1/9 Chapter 4 Test ~ Use the Unit 4 Quizlet to help review vocabulary!
    Review sheet to be handed out in class on 1/3.  
    Be sure to study Unit 4 Packet: Vocabulary, Types of Reactions, Counting Atoms and Bonding. Balancing Equations will be extra credit, so as long as you can count the total number of atoms in the reactants and the products you are OK!  
    December 2019
    christmas tree
    12/2 Drawing Atomic Models PPT from class
    12/4 Periodic Table Scavenger Hunt HW Due 
    12/4 Completed in class: Poster of the Periodic Table Basics
    (use the Periodic Table PowerPoint  or your textbook to create a poster)   I am collecting the poster on 12/10 as a Quiz grade!  You had 2 class periods to complete the poster!
    Your poster MUST include:
    1.  Definition and description of
    • Period
    • Group
    2.  General location and description of
    • Metals
    • Metalloids
    • Nonmetals
    3.  Location and general characteristics and at least 3 examples of:
    • Alkali Metals
    • Alkaline Earth Metals
    • Transition Metals
    • Other Metals 
    • Metalloids
    • Nonmetals
    • Halogens
    • Noble Gases

    Add some color, make it look nice!  

    12/6 Bill Nye Atoms and Molecules Video  watch the video, complete the Bill Nye the Science Guy: Atoms and Molecules worksheet and hand in for a classwork grade!
    12/10 Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table Vocabulary Test 
    use Atomic Structure & The Periodic Table Quizlet to review  AS WELL AS THE REVIEW SHEET HANDED OUT IN CLASS   Review Sheet with ANSWERS HIGHLIGHTED
    12/11 Dichotomous Key of 10 Elements Project (Test Grade) Due
    completed in class during 2 lab periods 12/2-12/11
    5 week grades close on 12/11.  Reports will be sent home on 12/13!
    12/13  Pearson Build an Atom due (go online and complete during lab period~ you already had 2 lab periods to work on this assignment)
    November 2019
    pH of a Substance Poster Project (due 11/8): Using the information from the videos listed above as well as the textbook, create a poster that contains:
      • definitions for acids, bases, indicator, neutral, pH, neutralization
      • at least 3 characteristics (each) of acids and bases
      • at least 3 examples (each) of acids and bases
      • at least 3 (each) uses of acids and bases
      • a picture of the pH scale, labeled with at least 7 substances (3 acids, 3 bases and 1 neutral)
      • don't forget your name!
      • you will have time in class on 11/1 as well as lab period, this will be a quiz grade!  Do your best work!


    11/9 pH Quizlet to review for quiz on FRIDAY 11/16


    11/11 No School  Veteran's Day 


    11/13 Acids and Bases Online Simulation Use the Acids and Bases Worksheet to complete the activity.  To be completed in Science class.  Due on 11/13


    11/14 Parent-Teacher Conferences in SBCS Large Gym 11am-7pm


    11/15 Pearson Realize assignments, “Properties and Uses of Acids and Bases” and “Acid Rain,” are due TODAY! 


    11/15 Quiz on pH of Substances  pH Review Sheet with Answers 


    11/22 Quiz today on Atoms

    • location, charge and approximate mass of
      • electrons, protons and neutrons
    • isotopes
      • atomic number remains the same because protons and electrons don't change
      • atomic mass changes because the number of neutrons change

    also Pearson Realize assignment, “Acids and Bases in Careers,” is due TODAY


    11/27 Half Day for Students Town Hall & First Quarter Awards Assembly 

    11/28-11/29 No School Thanksgiving Break

    Lewis Dot Structures Video

    October 2019
    10/8 8th Grade Teeshirt and Sweatshirt Orders due (approximate 2-3 week processing, order submitted on 10/11)
    10/10 Test: Mass, Volume & Density Review Sheet ANSWERS
    10/11 Fall Fest
    10/12 Mrs. Paolini's Birthday 
    10/18 Progress Reports sent home with students
    10/21 Matter Quizlet (Matter Unit Test on 10/31)
    10/28 Matter Unit Test Review Sheet will be given out in class (Topics: Mass, Voume, Density, Phases and Phase Changes, Pure Substances & Mixtures, and Solubiluty)  Matter Unit Test Review Sheet Answers
    10/31 Fall Fling Dance 1:45-3:15 pm (see permission slip sent home on 10/18)
    September 2019
    9/4  signed Policies and Procedures due
    9/5  outline due for Science Skills Essay (started in class on 9/4)
            3 science skills you use in everday life~ for example       
            we measure when cooking or taking medicine
    Vocabulary for Crossword Puzzle
            Vocab for Science Crossword Puzzle
    9/6  Metric System video Study Jams Video 
            Mythbusters Click Here for video watch the video and
            complete the worksheet for one of the myths that are
    9/9  Science Skills Essay due 
    9/13 Quiz #1 Science Skills (variables, graphing and safety)
    August  2019
    back to school
    8/29  welcome new and returning students
              signed Policies & Procedures  due 9/4 
    8/30  Bioglyphs completed in class, if you were absent
              please see me during Advisory on 9/3 to complete