•  Welcome to Grade 8 Science
     Mrs. Paolini
    Room 218
    826-7213 ext 218 
    Please read below for important due dates
    and class information!
    September 2019
    9/4  signed Policies and Procedures due
    9/5  outline due for Science Skills Essay (started in class on 9/4)
            3 science skills you use in everday life~ for example       
            we measure when cooking or taking medicine
    Vocabulary for Crossword Puzzle
            Vocab for Science Crossword Puzzle
    9/6  Metric System video Study Jams Video 
            Mythbusters Click Here for video watch the video and
            complete the worksheet for one of the myths that are
    9/9  Science Skills Essay due 
    9/13 Quiz #1 Science Skills (variables, graphing and safety)
    August  2019
    back to school
    8/29  welcome new and returning students
              signed Policies & Procedures  due 9/4 
    8/30  Bioglyphs completed in class, if you were absent
              please see me during Advisory on 9/3 to complete