• Music

    At South Buffalo Charter School, students receive instruction in music from Kindergarten through 8th grade.The primary focus in the elementary grades is the development of the 3 fundamental elements which any musician requires to be successful on any instrument; Melody, Rhythm, and experience with Harmony. Our progressive system of development is constructed around the Kodaly philosophy of Music education, which emphasizes the use of the child’s voice and inherent knowledge of childhood songs through which these concepts of Melody, Rhythm and Harmony can be taught.
    Eventually, these skills are applied to a variety of instruments from the Karl Orff system of music education (tambourines, triangles, hand drums, xylophones, metalaphones).Once the students move into the upper grades, they spend approximately half of their music class time actively studying Music History and Music Theory. The remainder of the class time is spent in our keyboard lab applying the skills they have developed throughout their elementary years. This is a “hands on” study of basic keyboard repertoire for a beginning piano student. The students typically perform a recital for their grade level at the completion of this class.