• Question: Do I need to put City Honors and/or Frederick Law Olmsted on the BPS application?

    Answer: No. There is a separate application for both schools. You MUST take the test.  Bring the completed application for their school, the 7th grade report card, and proof of residency.


    Question: Does City Honors and Frederick Law Olmsted accept students in other grades?

    Answer: Yes! Students currently in grades 4-8 can be considered for City Honors and students currently in grades 4-11 can be considered for Frederick Law Olmsted.


    Question: Do I have to be a resident of Buffalo to attend a Buffalo Public School?

    Answer: Usually, however some schools will accept out-of-district students. You must pay tuition and provide your own transportation. Buffalo School for Visual and Performing Arts will accept out-of-district students based on availability of slots.

    Question: Does BPS provide transportation for high school?

    Answer: No, students would need to be transported by a parent or take the Metro.


    Question: Do I use the BPS application to apply for Charter schools?

    Answer: No. This application is ONLY for Buffalo Public Schools.


    Question: Do I need to bring the BPS application to the testing or audition?

    Answer: No. The application needs to be turned in to your school counselor by the deadline.  Date will be shared as it becomes available.


    Question: My child only wants to be considered for 2 schools. Can I just put 2 schools on the BPS application?

    Answer: Yes, but if your child does not get into the 2 schools you have listed, they will be placed in any empty seat after all other students have been placed.


    Question: Do I need to bring anything to the Hutchinson Technical School Exam?

    Answer: Only 2 #2 pencils. You do not need proof of residency or a report card for the test. That will be submitted with your BPS application by your school counselor. 


    Question: If I do not live in Buffalo, do I complete the BPS application?

    Answer: No, you need to contact your home district as you would go to your district high school.