• A Sensory Room is a therapeutic space that provides students with the sensory input needed to self-regulate.


    Our space

    A sensory room can benefit any student with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, sensory processing impairments, ADHD or simply BIG emotions!



    A place to relax and calm big emotions to regain a sense of peace...

    crash pad   canopy   calm space


    A place to zone out, stare at the bubble tube, listen to a waterfall and get a mental break...

    bean bag   bubble tube   boat


    A place to move, wiggle and get some extra energy out...

    swing   peanut ball


    A place to learn and practice coping skills...

    strategies   toolbox


    Touch, feel, squeeze and fidget...

    sand rice   putty   fidgets



    Increase participation and focus in the classroom

    Increase mental and physical calmness, which leads to better behavior

    Students return to class refreshed, calm and ready to learn

    whole space