• Student Expectations

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         Through out the first week of school, we will be spending a lot of time discussing and practicing various classroom and building wide expectations and procedures.  These expectations and proceedures can be found in the SBCS Parent/Student Handbook.  Spending time practicing the expectations and procedures will help the students become successful more quickly.    

    The students in my class participate in a behavior modification program through the Class Dojo website.  Each day students are able to earn points for the various behaviors that they exhibit.  When a student displays positive behaviors, they earn positive points and vice versa.  As the points are awarded, the program not only keeps track of each student's point accumulation but also automatically calculates a percentage for each student.  This percentage is based on the amount of positive behaviors they have displayed in the classroom during the week.  The students in my class are also able to "cash in" the points they earn once during each month.  At that time, all the points that they earned are turned into "Dojo Dollars" which can be used to "purchase" various prizes and privileges from my "Dojo Store".  

    I am very pleased to say that this program has helped the students in my classes monitor their own behavior and focus on the positive behaviors that I expect in my classroom.