• First Grade Websites

     All subjects:
    storytimefromspace.com/library/- listen as astronauts read stories to you.
    Niagara Sheriff YouTube page- You can listen to the sheriffs read some of your favorite stories.
    Fun to make at home:
    Type in the following names into YouTube to enjoy their content:
    Jack Hartmann- These videos are catchy songs that teach while helping you to get some exercise.  One of my favorites is Look Out for Bossy R.  Another favorite is Let’s Get Fit Count to 100.
    Alphablocks- These videos teach phonics skills with their fun animations.  One of my favorites is Race to the End where all the letters race each other.  
    Electric Company -  The Electric Company has been around for a long time, but they have made new videos in the 2000’s.  They have short clips to teach phonics skills that get your attention like my favorite Silent ‘e’ by Shock & Lin-Manuel Miranda.  They also have some songs to help you learn phonics like my favorite Transformer “h” by Ne-Yo.
    Cool School - Ms. Booksy:  These videos tell you fairy tales, folk tales and nursery rhymes all with the help of Ms. Booksy.  One of my favorites is Snow White and Rose Red.  
    Have Fun Teaching - These videos have songs that teach.  My favorites are the Shape Name Game and the Verb Rap Song.
    children on computers at school wearing headphones