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    Star of the Week

              Each child will have a chance to have a week to shine!  Please keep this in a safe place so you can refer to it when it’s your child’s turn to be Star of the Week.  Each day there will be something special planned.


    Monday- Students will share a poster of their life.  Students will create a poster of pictures that tell about their life and favorite things.  Students will share their poster with the class.


    Tuesday/Wednesday- The star student will be interviewed and the class will write a story about them.   The students of the class will write a book about the star student. 


    Thursday-  The star student will bring in a snack to share with the class.  (We can move snack day around to coincide with the student’s birthday.)


    Friday-  Student will share their favorite book with the class.


    Parents this is meant to be a fun way to celebrate yout child.  Please do not stress about completing the activities.




    Thank you in advance for your support!

    Mrs. Milasinovic


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