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    Physical Education is an integral part of students' educational experience. It should provide opportunities for physical, social and emotional development for all students. Through performance-based lessons and assessments, students will be able to expand on their knowledge and exhibit their skills. We believe that all children can learn and succeed, and it will be our duty as educators to help our students at South Buffalo Charter reach their full potential.




    70% of PE Grade

    - Performance based assessments will allow students to demonstrate apecific skills they have learned.

    - A 5 point rubric will be used to assess their daily performance.



    30% of PE Grade

    - Students will be assessed at the end of each unit.



    Each unit will last approximately 3-4 weeks

    August - Welcome Back!  Rules and Routines

    September - Flag Football 

    October - Soccer

    November - Handball

    December - Basketball

    January - Pillow Polo

    February - Hockey

    March - Volleyball 

    April - Kinball/Parachute

    May - Choice Month

    June - Kickball/Whiffleball - Backyard Games



    - Wear Sneakers

    - Be a good listener

    - Always follow directions

    - Treat others with respect

    - Use equipment properly

    - Always try your best!


    Basic Class Procedures

    - Come in quietly

    - Sit on your assigned spot facing the front

    - Listen for directions

    - Warm-up Exercises

    - Lesson

    - Closure/Dismissal

     Medical Excuses

    Students who are not able to participate for one class need a note from a parent. If they are out 2 or more days, they need a note from a doctor. Students will be required to complete an assigned project. The length of the project will depend on the time they are unable to participate.

    Injuries that Occur During Class

    If an injury occurs during class the injured student must tell their PE teacher immediately and the proper care and action will be taken and given. Students must tell their PE teacher and not their next period class teacher.


    All of our students at SBCS will develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity!!