What is 7th Grade SS? 
    The short answer: Early American History
    Longer explanation:  New York State Social Studies Standards have a set plan for what is supposed to be taught in SS from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Think of 7th and 8th as one big 2year course.  In 7th grade we start with geography and early people of what will become the USA and we end with the end of the Civil War.  8th grade then picks it up from there and continues America's story into the present.
    Here is an ordered list of the major units:
    1.)  Geography of the Western Hemisphere
    2.)  Native Americans
    3.)  European Exploration
    4.)  European Colonization
    5.)  Revolutionary War
    6.)  US Constitution
    7.)  Jeffersonian Era
    8.)  Jacksonian Era
    9.)  Westward Expansion
    10.)  The US Civil War