• hw Homework is assigned each night in third grade!  We can do it! HW


    What to expect...



    Math- Practice multiplication and division facts for 10 mins, and a Worksheet (usually 5-10 questions!)

    Reading- Read 30 mins and log on your reading log! Some nights you may recieve a reading passage and questions to complete

    Writing- Spelling worksheet or journal entry 

    Science/Social- project or worksheets, depends on the unit we are working on! 




    "Run and Frolic, Skip and Play...that's your homework for today..!"


    Here are links that would also be great to use at night or over the weekend to continue to practice! 

    LEXIA- https://www.lexiacore5.com/

    REFLEX- https://accounts.explorelearning.com/reflex/

    PEARSON- https://www.pearsonrealize.com/index.html#/