• Foreign Policy 1945- 1963 Quiz

    The begining of the Cold War has a lot going on with it, and to help you, I divided your vocab quiz into four seporate sections! Click on the links below to review with Quizlet.

           1. Post WWII

           2. Growing Tensions

           3. Spread of Communism

           4. Geography. You will be asked to list AND label three nations that are part of NATO, three nations that are part of the Warsaw Pact, and three nations who were neutral.


    To help you spell, these are the countries in Europe during the Cold War for the online map:

    Land: Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, West Germany, East Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finalnd, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, USSR, Great Britian, Czechoslovakia 

    Water: North Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea