• Bienvenidos a la clase de español!!
    ** I hope everyone is staying safe! All students should have access to packets. For those who are able to receive this info, I have other helpful info and links here. I will continue to do so as time goes on. Hopefully, we will all be together again starting April 20 :)
    ** Video update *** ... Spanish info
    Grade 8 - I'm realizing some may not have received the weather vocabulary. If not, here is a completed copy. Weather Vocab sheet
    If you don't have the directions sheet, here it is... Directions
    Finally, here is a list of the key questions I would like you to review...Review of key questions
    Grade 6-8 For those looking for some games or study guides, try this... quia.com Search the topic you want, and you will see games, flashcards, quizzes, etc. Ex. Search for weather, clothing, places, etc.
    ** I have added a "helpful links" option to this page. Use this for other helpful links to enhance your Spanish learning and have some fun in the process.
    *** Beginning April 1, I will put additional daily practice assignments. They will be on the classroom calendar.