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    Physical Education


    Mrs. Giunta




    At South Buffalo Charter School, we present the students with a variety of challenging and stimulating activities throughout the year. Our physical education program helps create enjoyable, success-oriented experiences that reach every child. Special attention is given to:

    ~Social interaction and the improvement of self-concepts, cooperation and sportsmanship

    ~Fitness and skill development through performance-based lessons


    The physical education curriculum is governed by the NYS Learning

     Standards for Health and Physical Education.




    We believe Physical Education is an integral part of students' educational experience. It should provide opportunities for physical, social and emotional development for students. Through performance-based lessons and assessments, students will be able to expand on their knowledge and exhibit their skills. We believe that all children can learn and succeed, and it will be our duty as educators to help our students at South Buffalo Charter reach their full potential.


     Student Contract


    Grading Policy

    Grades 4-8

    Students in grades 4th-8th will receive a daily grade out of 5 points. Each student gets 1 point for each of the following categories they fulfilled.

    Preparation- Does the student have proper footwear for class?

    Participation- Does the student participate in all aspects of the class? Did they do warm-ups, skill practice, and game-play?

    Effort- Does the student try their hardest throughout the class or are they just going through the motions?

    Respect- Does the student listen the first time the teacher says the directions, explains the game, or tells the students what to do? Does the student use the equipment properly? Does the student interact appropriately with their


    Sportsmanship- Does the student have a positive attitude? Can the student handle winning and losing appropriately?

    Sometimes there will be a cognitive assessment for certain units for extra credit.


    Grades K-3

    Students in grades K-3rd will get a daily grade out of 4 points. Their points will follow the simple model below

    I did all you asked and more, that’s why I got a …4

    I did what you asked of me, that’s why I got a…3

    There was more that I could do, that’s why I got a…2

    I did not do what should be done, that’s why I got a…1






    Cooperative Games               We will spend approximately 3-4

    Flag Football                         weeks on each unit, followed by an

    Basketball                               assessment.                  




    Track & Field








    PE Rules

    ~Wear Sneakers                     Rules are posted                             

    ~Be a good listener                throughout the gym.

    ~Always follow directions

    ~Treat others with respect

    ~Use equipment properly

    ~Always try your best!



    • Must have appropriate sneakers to participate in physical activity and receive full credit 
      • Shoes must be an appropriate size 
      • Shoes must be tightly tied on top of sneaker 
      • Shoes cannot go above the ankle (no knee high sneakers) 
      • Shoes must be flat (no high heel) 
    • It is at the physical education teacher’s discretion if footwear is safe and appropriate for physical education (rubber bottom shoes with little to no heel). If the teacher feels the footwear is appropriate, students will participate and earn half credit for the day. 

    Classroom Procedures

    • When entering the gymnasium, I will walk directly to my spot
    • When sitting on my spot, I will sit quietly facing the front of the gym with my hands in my lap. 
    • If I have a question, I will raise my hand. I will not walk up to the teacher. 
    • When the teacher is talking, I will not talk. 
    • If I hear the whistle, music stopped, or the words “give me five”, I will stop, look and listen. 
    • If we are using equipment, I will use it the way it was intended to be used and only touch the equipment when told to. 
    • I will follow all rules, especially safety rules, to ensure my classmates and I are able to participate safely. 
    • I will treat my classmates and teachers with respect. 
    • At the end of class, I will walk directly to my spot and sit down with my dress shirt tucked in. 
    • If my class is outside, I will follow all directions. 
    • I will always try my best and have fun! 


    • If I am hurt in class, I will immediately tell my physical education teacher. I will not wait to tell another adult. 
    • If I am unable to participate one or two days in physical education, I will bring a parent note to excuse me for that day’s physical education. 
    • If I am unable to participate in 3 or more physical education classes, I will bring a note from the doctor to excuse me from physical education.


    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email your child’s physical education teacher at the following emails, 

    Kelli Grazen- kgraber@southbuffalocs.org

    Jeremy Buczek- jbuczek@southbuffalocs.org 

    Kevin Helfer- khelfer@southbuffalocs.org 

    Erin Giunta- egiunta@southbuffalocs.org




    All of our students at SBCS will develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity!!