• Welcome to Field Day 2020

    (The Virtual Version)

    Field Day 2020


    Welcome to our virtual field day!  All the items we used are household items, we tried to make every event as adaptable or creative as possible.  You can use all the exact items we used, or be creative and use a shoebox, pot, or small bucket to increase the challenge and improve accuracy.  Use a large trash can, clothes basket, or box to make a giant target and improve your success, just keep the set-up and rules of each event the same!

    We truly wish we could be there to see all of those successes, but what's great about this field day is that parents and guardians get to experience what we as Physical Educators get to experience every year!  The joy and happiness of watching your kids go through the events that we set-up!  So please, stay patient with them during the events, in their eyes, field day is one of the best days of the year, it's a chance to show of their skills when everyone is looking.  They tend to be a little more "amped up," but it's just because they are so excited and happy!

    There are 7 events and a closing ceremony, each can be found listed on the lefthand side of this page, just click on the event number and you will be taken to the event's video.  You may have to turn the volume up in some spots, please don't mind the background noise, we wanted to give an experience that was as close to the real field day that we could!  Don't mind some of the staff's "antics," we turn into big kids for fun field day competitions...

    Please email the PE staff videos, scores for the events, or just thoughts about SBCS Field Day 2020, we would love to see the enjoyment from the kids!  

    So, from the South Buffalo Charter School PE staff...