• homework
    Weekly Homework
    Monday-Thursday: Written homework assignments will begin in October. A homework calendar will be sent home each month.  Return completed homework at the end of each month.  It will require you to assist your child. Homework consists of work that has already been taught.   Reading with your child and sight words should be practiced nightly.
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    Book Baggy:  Students will receive new books each week in their Homework Bag. The bag will go home on Monday and should be returned on Friday. Students should be reading the book with an adult each night. Until your child is able to read the book, please read to them but encourage them to hold the book on their own and point to each word you read. You can also ask your child questions about the book after reading. In addition to the book, there will be flashcards with sight words that were taught that week. Please practice these each night as well!

     homework Math homework will consist of one page of addition and one page of subtraction weekly.  This will start in October and then in January we will send home a weekly math calendar.