New Public Comment Email

Dear SBCS Community Members, 

 In the interest of open communications, South Buffalo Charter School provides an opportunity for SBCS Community Members to address the SBCS Board at each School Board Meeting.  The “Public Comment” agenda item affords an opportunity for open and direct interaction between the SBCS Community and the SBCS Board.  We understand that not every person within our SBCS Community can make it to the monthly board meetings and have an opportunity to be heard.  With that in mind we are introducing "Public Comment" via email.  You will now be able to submit your Public Comment via email directly from our website.

Public Comment Page

 Once your comment is submitted, you will then receive a confirmation email thanking you for your comment. The Public Comment will then be read and addressed and the next board meeting. Any comments received less than two business days before the next board meeting maybe addressed at the following board meeting.  

We appreciate your time. 


SBCS Board of Trustees