• Nightly Homework
    Math Homework
    Math homework will be assigned on Mondays and due Fridays. Students are more than welcome to hand in their homework early if they complete it before Friday. Please have your child complete this work on their own with little guidance from you.. If you find your child needs a lot of help please contact me or sign the homework so I am aware of the struggle and and can provide extra assistance in class. 
    Spelling words
    Spelling words are also handed out on Mondays each week and Spelling tests will be on Friday.Please have your child prepare for this spelling test by going over the words with you. This can be done by writing them, spelling them aloud, doing rainbow writing of the words, or practicing them in shaving cream. Do what works best and interests your child. Have fun with it!
    Reading Homework
    Students have reading homework every night. They are to read for 20 minutes in order to improve their reading skills. Students should be choosing books of high interest in order for them to enjoy this time. Children in second grade still benefit from parents reading aloud to their children. You are encouraged to read books that are too hard for your child to read on their own but are able to understand through listening. This exposes your child to higher level books and new vocabulary they might not come across in the books they are reading on their own. Try to incorporate reading to your child into your child's routine but do not substitute it for their own reading for more than 2-3 nights a week.