Rubric 2022 2023

  • 1. Preparedness

    • Has appropriate athletic attire; sneakers or shoes with rubber bottoms (boots are not allowed!)


    2. Participation/Effort

    • Practice tasks that the teacher specified.
    • Actively participates and is engaged in all activities.
    • Gives their best performance.
    • Stays on task and follows directions.
    • Asks/answers questions that are relevant to the learning objectives.
    • Works hard and demonstrates the correct form when performing a skill.


    3. Responsible Behavior

    • Is in control of their body during physical activity
    • Uses appropriate language.
    • Respects personal spaces (keeps hands to themselves.)
    • Uses equipment and moves throughout space in a safe and controlled manner.
    • Follows behavior expectations, directions, and rules of the activity.
    • Works hard to problem solve, set goals, and support the team/classmates.


    4. Sportsmanship/Teamwork

    • Encourages fair play by others.
    • Demonstrates leadership and works well with others.
    • Compromises and collaborates to resolve conflicts.
    • Is respectful during group discussions and when others share ideas.
    • Plays an active role and encourages classmates during skills and group activities.
    • Contributes to a safe, kind, and supportive learning environment.


    5. Understanding and Applying Concepts

    • Answers questions about a skill/activity during instruction or during closure.
    • Provides peers with positive and corrective feedback (accountable talk.)
    • Moves in relation and with an understanding of strategy as it relates to a specific activity.