Reading Strategies

  • Chunk your Reading:

    1. When reading a passage, draw a line under each paragraph, or every few paragraphs if the paragraphs are short.              

    2. After reading each paragraph, remember write the GIST, just a few words about what the paragraph mainly about.

    3. When finished reading the entite passage, review your notes. This will help you remeber what the passage is mainly about. 

    Use Post-it Notes:

    Post-it notes are a great way to take notes while reading a book. Have your post-it notes handy and write down the most impotant information you have read on each page. Stick it right on the page. This will help you remember important information.  

    Use Reading Codes:

    You can use post-it notes for this or you can use a notebook. If you use a notebook, remember to write down the page number the information goes with. 

    F is for a fact (something important that you learned or something important to the plot of the story)

    P is for prediction (based on what you have read, what do you think might happen)

    Q is for question (anything you are unsure about or want to know more about)

    A is for the answer (any answers to the questions you had) 


    Use this strategy to help you answer short response questions. 

    R is for restating the question

    A is for your answer

    D is for the first detail to support your answser

    D is for the second detail to support your answer