Submit your fitness logs each week

  • If you are in the following classes please join my google classroom page with the code provided. There you will be able to submit your weekly fitness logs each week! 


    K (Ms. Webb) and 1st (Bishop) classroom code: ugarg6b 


    3rd (Hausberger and Zaklikowski) classroom code: axp5dpv 

    4th (Rokitka and Flanagan) classroom code: axp5dpv 

    5th (Harrington and Baisor) classroom code: axp5dpv 


    6th (Blenk and Konieczny) classroom code: sbgsxyy 

    7th and 8th (if you are on my side for attendance and I give your gym grade) classroom code: sbgsxyy


    If you have any questions feel free to email me at