• Dear 6th Grade families,

    I know that this is a trying time for all of us.  I want families to know that I am here to support you in any way possible.  I ask students to continue to work on the packets that were sent home due to the COVID 19.   I ask that students continue to read approximately 30 minutes a day. That being said I know many may not have access to books. Students can access ebooks through my resources/website page or at the bottom of SBCS home page.  I also ask that students log in to Lexia/power up for approximately 30 minutes a day.  This website builds on students literacy skills. There are additional webpages posted that students are encouraged to explore as well. Students are to use their SBCS log in.

    Google classroom codes are listed below.  Please have your child refer to google classroom for future updates/assignments. Feel free to email or communicate through google classroom for any questions you may have. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! 

    Google Classroom Codes:

    6A- jjyvn36

    6B- xiayulv

    6C- 2yu2ebe

    6D- wp3nqcc


    Miss Bridget Jensen

    6th Grade ELA


    Office hours: M-F 12-2


    Here is a link to the ELA Reading and Writing assignments that were mailed home March 16, 2020




    ELA assignment outline for week 4/27- 5/1  ALL ASSIGNMENTS POSTED IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  All assignments Due by Sunday May 3rd

    Monday 4/27:  Hand in packet work that was sent home March 13th.  I am not collecting everything.

    You can access the assignments that will be counted as a grade on google classroom.  You should just have to type in your answers if you already did it in the packet.  The stories, questions and answer sheets are provided in google classroom if you lost them.

     1. Excerpt Last Regrets  multiple choice questions 1-7

     2. Excerpt From the Girl In the Garden multiple choice questions 22-28

     3. Writing assignment:  You can choose to submit your Narrative writing assignment, or the informative writing assignment for a grade.  I do not need both.

     Tues/Wed 4/28-4/29:  Social Issues Unit begins!!!!!

     1. View Loom video of social issues terminology, and examples

    2.  Read the following 3 articles and answer short response

    • Air Pollution
    • Bullying
    • Natural Disasters

    Thursday 4/30- Friday 5/1:  Read aloud Pre-recorded: My Side of the Story by Adam Bagdasarian; Character relationships.  

    View video of mentor text and Issues in character relationships.

    Activity:  Read the short story, The Stolen Party by Liliana Heker

    Complete multiple choice and short response



    Outline week of 5/4/20-5/8/20 Lessons/assignments:

    ALL ASSIGNMENTS DUE Sunday May 10th


    Monday 5/4- Tuesday 5/5:  Lesson 2 Social issues; Character relationships positive and negative 

    View the mini lesson video, read and complete activity from short story: The Treasure of Lemon Brown

    Wednesday 5/6:  Lesson 3 Social issues; Noticing how characters contribute to relationships issues through actions and reactions.

    View the mini lesson video and complete the QUIZ from the short story

    The Treasure of Lemon Brown


     Thursday 5/7/ Friday 5/8:  Lesson 4: Read aloud; How and why power affects relationships

    View the read aloud, then complete questions in the google document



    ELA Outline of assignments of week 5/11- 5/15 

    All assignments are DUE SUNDAY MAY 17TH 


    Monday/Tuesday 5/11-5/12: Lesson 5:  Studying when character traits collide

    View the mini lesson video then complete activity on google docs


    Wednesday/Thursday 5/13-5/14:  Lesson 6 quiz on Lemon Brown


    Friday 5/15:  Lesson 7;Bend 2; Read aloud: Thinking about Groups as Sources of Issues

    View read aloud and complete the google document questions


    Google meets will take place every Tues and Thursday from 12-1.  This is a time to meet for any questions you may have about the assignments.


    Tuesday meet at 12pm link: https://meet.google.com/lookup/c5vcubjemv


    Thursday meet at 12pm link:  https://meet.google.com/lookup/exgjy555rc

    You may have to copy and paste the link into your url box.

    The link will also be posted in the google classroom stream