11/20/2014 - Update due to the SNOWSTORM: Due to the significance of the storm, the projects will not be due Monday as stated in class.  You will be given some time to continue working on your projects.   Stay safe and warm, and I will see you on Monday!
Mrs. Eileen P. Mathis
Phone:  x242
Homeroom:  242
English Language Arts
8th Grade
8A Homeroom
Spelling Bee Coordinator
Poetry Slam Coordinator
 Graduating 8th grade of June 2014:
 Hawraa Ahmed, Shea Halpenny, JazzaRae Curne & Christina DiVincenzo at the 2014 BASCS Poetry Slam, minutes before they perform:
 Poetry Slam 8th graders 2014, right before they perform!
 Hawraa Ahmed at the Poetry Slam 2014
Fun with punctuation!  
Does this sound like you?  
 It's true
Photo Gallery:
Class of 2012
Homeroom Class of 2009 Class trip in Niagara Falls
2009 Poetry Slam Participants Mrs. Arroyo in action in 2008
Class trip 2009